I Adore This. I Promote Health, Wellness, Fitness, And Happiness. Not One Person Is The Same And So Be The Best You And Love Yourself No Matter What Because In The End…you Are Your Own Best Friend. Treat Your Body, Mind, And Spirit With Love And Honesty. Never Forget How Amazing You Are.

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Temporary Tattoo 1. Draw With Sharpie 2. Rub With Baby Powder 3. Spray With Hair Spray And Let Dry Completely. It Lasts A Little Less Than A Week If You Don’t Rub It Too Hard Or Get It Wet And Rub It, Mine Lasted About Two Days On My Wrist But It Got Wet Several Times From Washing My Hands So Keep That In Mind When You Choose Where You Put It.

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A Great Dupe For Kat Von Ds Tattoo Concealer Is Hard Candys Glamoflauge Concealer, Which Can Be Found At Wal-mart For $6. A Tiny Amount Will Go A Very Long Way; It Is Highly Pigmented And Covers Anything From Tattoos, Under-eye Circles, Blemishes, And Other Flaws. Keep In Mind That This Product May Not Work For Those With Very Dry Skin, But Will Do A Great Job On Oily And Combination Skin. Makeup-product-faves

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